What we would like Judge Kavanaugh to have said instead of what he did say,

We heard the angry and disrespectful and frankly crazy conspiracy thinking that Judge Kavanaugh shared after Dr. Blaise Ford spoke.  His narcissistic and dismissive tone gave us a sense of his character under stress and not a very pretty picture for someone whose job will be to thoughtfully consider the issues of the American people. 51% being female.

But our fantasy of what he could have said:

Esteemed colleagues and citizens of our great country.

I am profoundly moved by this event. I admire Dr. Blase Ford’s courage and deep patriotism to come to this hearing and share such honest and painful memories.  I must admit as a young man I often behaved badly, drinking too much, behaving with disregard for others and using my privilege to avoid consequences.  I may have been at the party Dr. Blase Ford so sincerely recalls.  I do not know, I do not remember, I drank too much. However, I deeply apologize for any disrespectful and destructive behavior I may have committed.  I believe I no longer behave as an immature privileged young man who drank too much and behaved in shameful ways.  However, I apologize for my hurtful behavior and aware of how pervasive this behavior is in our country. We must teach all men that all are treated with respect in all encounters, particularly sexual interactions. I am overwhelmed with respect and sadness for Dr. Blase Ford and the countless others who share these all too common devastating experiences.

 It has been too long that women, transgender people and some men in this country have suffered from the code of intimidation and silence perpetrated by those with the power to diminish, hurt and ignore them.  It is illegal and immoral and hurts all Americans. I can no longer tolerate this kind of behavior and the silence.  America’s core and the only way we can survive as a country is to honor and fight for fairness, dignity and equality for all. Everyone should be safe from violation and fear. Our behaviors, particularly as white men are abhorrent.  America must be a place where your voices are not just heard but also generate action and change. I may not be appointed to the Supreme Court but in any case, I promise that I will work in every capacity to bring your voices and our shared values into full light.

May I extend my admiration for Dr. Blase Ford’s bravery and my apologies for what she experienced.


Read a post written by Executive Director and founder, Barbara Wiener, as she shares some of her thoughts and experiences about privilege. One of our core girls, Thryn, found this wonderful piece about privilege that should be shared–made by Robot-Hugs.com


Looking like YOU

We look in the mirror and only see the things we don’t like.  We look at photos of women in magazines and wish we could look like that.  Even when we know that even the models don’t look like that.  We know that the standards of ‘beauty’ in American culture are debilitating and unnatural.  But don’t we all want to be beautiful to someone—especially to ourselves.

What would happen if you could see yourself changed like a model.  Well, this video shows what happens for some ordinary women to see themselves electronically made ‘beautiful’.  What do you think?  What is your unique beauty that would disappear if you were made ‘perfect’?


Happy Birthday Leah

283503_200916499957992_5159972_n18 years ago, I held a little girl who had just been born. Leah Gross.  I had been the birth coach of her mom,my best friend Laura.  It had been 40 hellish hours of crazy labor.  And then she was born. I held her and I was surprised…she was just looking up, not upset, not fearful or confused, not crying..she was comfortable being in the world, alive.182840_656619644355279_340273155_n

I remembered looking at her as she quietly looked up at me and saying, Welcome to the world, little one.  We are so happy you are here.  It can be a hard place sometimes but we will be there to help you.  And it is a wondrous place this world, this alive thing. And made more wondrous because now you are here.

that moment is when the idea for TVbyGIRLS was born too.  It is hard to grow up female.  and part of what makes it hard in the US is the way my business, the media, set the rules for being female, or male or anything else.  I promised Leah that we would do something about that…something.   And the girls of TVbyGIRLS have done just that. Rewritten the rules of what it means to be a female in the media.

IMG_1695 copy 2

Gender and Film

tumblr_mww3xdQdFF1rwpn15o1_500This interesting piece was found on Feminist Like Me by core girl, Molly, to share with you. It’s not that we are surprised by this info…we all know that when we see movies and TV…but I guess seeing it all together makes the gender bias undeniably clear. I mean, come on mainstream media…why the raise in nudity and sexualized clothing for women and girls in film…really?!

It is a hard road to make changes in that mountain that is the film and media industry. But we have to keep putting stuff out there that counterpoints the ridiculous!

Below is the full New York Film Academy’s study of gender inequality in the film industry.

Tell us what you think!


The way to freedom is education and this infographic shows that we’ve made some advances…but not enough yet. 34 million girls in the world are not in school. Locked in those minds could be the answers to world hunger, energy crisis, world peace…but they will not be able to change their lives, let alone the world without access to education. Malala confronted Pakistan for their stand on girls and access to education. What do you think? Click here to read the entire chapter on girls’ education.

Girls Education Worldwide

One of our fabulous TVbyGIRLS superstars…Valencia. Check out her interview with 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities. She is one of the artists participating in The Naked I: Insides Out February 13-23, 2014 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.

The Naked I: Insides Out - 20percent

Take a look at a new piece from TVbyGIRLS and how we really view the saying “just a girl”-with music by one of our own core girl, Molly.

This is a good example of how images tell a story.  And how mainstream media seem determined to treat women leaders with a different set of rules than men.

A few things to look at here…

no face–just body parts including high heels which sort of sexualize and diminish our woman leader–HILLARY CLINTON.

shoes stabbing a man character–setting up the woman leader as out to crush men…not partnering with men..but instead ‘man hating’.

What’s the title doing? Can anyone stop Hillary?…the whole thing sets up the sense of Hillary needing to be stopped!! like Godzilla or the plague.  Really? come on!

I could go on, but I won’t.  So you tell us what you think.  How do these images tell a story that we think is just downright sexist?  Check out the original article.

time cover not ok


On Monday, Chuck is going to have a cochlear implant at Mayo Clinic. A pretty amazing surgery where a small thin array is inserted into his cochlear and is programed to pick up sounds and convert them to electrical impulses that his brain can actually work with. But, it’s not like our magic ears…and Chuck will have to learn how to translate those impulses into sounds…chickadees fighting, music playing, and songs erupting.

An exciting journey over the next year and TVbyGIRLS is going to be following him and his family as they discover a lot of things–how the brain ‘hears’, how music ‘sounds’, and the magical mystery of how our brain works.

We start with Chuck’s surgery on Monday and Mayo clinic is allowing us to film in the OR. Look out for more reports coming up.



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