Channel ChangeWe have lots of ways for you to join our work–depending on what level of involvement you would like:


LEVEL 1 involvement

  • Talk to a girl about us.
  • Forward and share one of our videos to someone you know that will like it.
  • Bring us to your group or join a introductory workshop (see workshop page).
  • Bring a team from TVbyGIRLS to talk with your group or class.
  • Write an article, essay, or letter about TVbyGIRLS and the ideas we explore.

LEVEL 2 involvement

  • Bring in or join a long form workshop (see workshop page).
  • Submit your own video to TVbyGIRLS.

LEVEL 3 involvement

  • Join our long term girl filmmaker mentoring program.
  • Donate to TVbyGIRLS.
  • Create a gathering or party to raise awareness and support for TVbyGIRLS.


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