Happy Birthday Leah

283503_200916499957992_5159972_n18 years ago, I held a little girl who had just been born. Leah Gross.  I had been the birth coach of her mom,my best friend Laura.  It had been 40 hellish hours of crazy labor.  And then she was born. I held her and I was surprised…she was just looking up, not upset, not fearful or confused, not crying..she was comfortable being in the world, alive.182840_656619644355279_340273155_n

I remembered looking at her as she quietly looked up at me and saying, Welcome to the world, little one.  We are so happy you are here.  It can be a hard place sometimes but we will be there to help you.  And it is a wondrous place this world, this alive thing. And made more wondrous because now you are here.

that moment is when the idea for TVbyGIRLS was born too.  It is hard to grow up female.  and part of what makes it hard in the US is the way my business, the media, set the rules for being female, or male or anything else.  I promised Leah that we would do something about that…something.   And the girls of TVbyGIRLS have done just that. Rewritten the rules of what it means to be a female in the media.

IMG_1695 copy 2

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