Workshops and Presentations

Join a TVbyGIRLS workshop or bring a TVbyGIRLS workshop to your community.

Presentations: 1 hour to 3 hours

Executive Director and girls will bring their award winning videos and presentations about:

  • Leadership.
  • Youth development.
  • Visual literacy-how media works to define our values.
  • Gender roles in the media and in our life.

Level 1 workshop: 3-5 hours

  • Gather a group of 10 girls and have fun with an introduction to media making, visual story telling, and social justice action.
  • TVbyGIRLS brings all supplies to your location.
  • You supply the space, work tables, a projector, and the girls (adults and boys also welcome to join).

Level 2 workshop- 9 hours over 2 days

  • Gather a group (girls, girls and boys, youth and adult, family) and spend a 2 day workshop with TVbyGIRLS–learn everything from a level 1 workshop AND then use those tools to make a short movie.
  • TVbyGIRLS brings all supplies, cameras, and teachers to the workshop.

Long Term Mentoring Program

  • Girls who are sparked by visual storytelling and want to explore social justice issues and media making can join the long term mentoring program.
  • In the Mentoring Program, we work with a maximum of 15 girls (age 13 to 19) from all different communities and experiences.
  • We work to making films about leadership, cross-cultural collaborations, deep explorations, and creative problem solving with media tools.
  • The Mentoring Program works with girls over several years (typically 4-5 years) and creates high level films featuring girls’ ideas. These films are broadcast and used by groups around the world.

Want more info…let us know!

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