What if Kavanaugh had said

What we would like Judge Kavanaugh to have said instead of what he did say,

We heard the angry and disrespectful and frankly crazy conspiracy thinking that Judge Kavanaugh shared after Dr. Blaise Ford spoke.  His narcissistic and dismissive tone gave us a sense of his character under stress and not a very pretty picture for someone whose job will be to thoughtfully consider the issues of the American people. 51% being female.

But our fantasy of what he could have said:

Esteemed colleagues and citizens of our great country.

I am profoundly moved by this event. I admire Dr. Blase Ford’s courage and deep patriotism to come to this hearing and share such honest and painful memories.  I must admit as a young man I often behaved badly, drinking too much, behaving with disregard for others and using my privilege to avoid consequences.  I may have been at the party Dr. Blase Ford so sincerely recalls.  I do not know, I do not remember, I drank too much. However, I deeply apologize for any disrespectful and destructive behavior I may have committed.  I believe I no longer behave as an immature privileged young man who drank too much and behaved in shameful ways.  However, I apologize for my hurtful behavior and aware of how pervasive this behavior is in our country. We must teach all men that all are treated with respect in all encounters, particularly sexual interactions. I am overwhelmed with respect and sadness for Dr. Blase Ford and the countless others who share these all too common devastating experiences.

 It has been too long that women, transgender people and some men in this country have suffered from the code of intimidation and silence perpetrated by those with the power to diminish, hurt and ignore them.  It is illegal and immoral and hurts all Americans. I can no longer tolerate this kind of behavior and the silence.  America’s core and the only way we can survive as a country is to honor and fight for fairness, dignity and equality for all. Everyone should be safe from violation and fear. Our behaviors, particularly as white men are abhorrent.  America must be a place where your voices are not just heard but also generate action and change. I may not be appointed to the Supreme Court but in any case, I promise that I will work in every capacity to bring your voices and our shared values into full light.

May I extend my admiration for Dr. Blase Ford’s bravery and my apologies for what she experienced.

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