Pew did research on how people in various muslim countries define appropriate public dress. Watch TVbyGIRLS’ film, “What’s With the Hijab?” made by Somali teens about wearing the hijab and then read this research…interesting. Tell us what you think.


Core girl, Molly, lost her tonsils today. Her bear was able to accompany her into surgery.

Molly reports feeling loopy but good. We think loopy is good when talking about lost tonsils and popsicles.

27 below zero

It is very cold at the TVbyGIRLS world headquarters, but we are grateful that we have heat and electricity and water flowing. Other people in other places are not as fortunate.  Still, we don’t know how civilization actually evolved in Minnesota or how we ended up loving it here. Here is a photo by Angela Kelly; frozen bubbles.


TVbyGIRLSIf you have made it to this working space,you are one of the first to see our new format for our website.  Over the next month, you will see the creative imagination of Amanda Hang, Barbara Wiener and the TVbyGIRLS core girls as this updated site grows.

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2014 is going to be WONDERFUL

for all of us.

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